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If K0RF has the older technology fluorescent some people are sensitive to the 120 Hz flickering of the lamps. Plus the phosphor technology in the older stuff was not very good creating accurate colors. The combination could cause eye strain and as you stated is very tiring.

The new technology drives the lamps at 25 kHz or higher and the phosphor coatings in the new lamps result in fairly accurate colors.

An added benefit to switch to the new technology is it uses about 1/2 the energy for the same light output.


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Interesting about the lighting.  K0RF has these typical in-ceiling  
overhead fluorescents in his radio room.  Those things fatigue my eyes  and put me 
to sleep!  So, when I single-op at Chuck's, I bring a  long-necked, 
adjustable high-intensity desk-lamp--focused on the work at  hand--and turn those 
fluorescent-things off.  Every time he walks in the  room, though, he turns 
them on...so, we have the "Battle of the Lights!"  I  bring the high-intensity 
lamp for our multiops, too, and it does seem to  ameliorate the 
fatigue-effect of the overheads--which are always on for those  efforts. Not sure what 
it is about overhead fluorescent lighting  that affects me--but I know it's 
true.  Guess I need to research  the color spectrum-thing, too...

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