[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Championship Record Updates

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 22:57:19 EDT 2014

Hello contesters - as the log checkers and writeup authors do their 
work, it would be terrific if the IARU HF Championship results were 
brought up to date.  The records were previously maintained by the 
sorely-missed Ken Adams K5KA (SK) who last published an update in 2003.  
The record listing consists of all-time category records and records in 
each category for the land-based ITU zones.

What's needed is a little keyboard time - all of the IARU results are 
available online through ARRL Contest Results web page 
(arrl.org/contest-results-articles) and the searchable online databases 
(http://www.arrl.org/results-database).  It would be acceptable to have 
volunteers taking a continent or category.  If you are interested, 
please contact me or the IARU HF author, Nate Moreschi N4YDU 
(n4ydu at yahoo.com) off-list and we'll see what we can accomplish.

73, Ward N0AX
ARRL Contributing Editor

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