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Hi Kirk, 

Is there any possibility of publishing part 7 (Antennas Pointed in 
Opposite Directions - July 2005) and part 8 (40 and 15 meter Yagis - 
September 2005 of Eric's excellent eight part series in the Bonus 
Content area? 


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Hi Timon, 

The entire six part "Antenna Interactions" series from K3NA is available 
in the Bonus Content area of NCJ at the following link: 


Just search for the phrase "Antenna Interactions" and you will find all 
six parts of the article. You might also enjoy browsing the other bonus 
content available at that page. 

73, Kirk K4RO 

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> K3NA did some sophisticated studies a decade or so about the K4JA 
> multi-tower station, for NCJ. You might be able to find those, Timon, 
> or get in touch with him. 
> 73, Pete N4ZR 
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