[CQ-Contest] Overdue research on equatorial propagation

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 19:48:02 EDT 2014

There is over twenty years of observation of the absorption (?) of
incoming HF signals in a latitude band of about 25 degrees width
and seemingly along the MAGNETIC equator.

Consistently, signals coming in to this area are attenuated or lower than
reported outgoing far-field (2 to 4+ hops) signals.  IN the geographical
area, stations hear worse than they are heard.

Could some smart doctoral candidate or other people get on this phenomena
with measured research and scientific explanation.

The area I know about stretches from VU4, over HS/XU/3W, and includes
Manila.   Help?  73,
Charly, HS0ZCW

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