[CQ-Contest] Tesla Memorial HF Contest

YU1RA yu1ra at yu1fjk.org
Sun Feb 2 07:08:03 EST 2014

Dear Contesters,

We invite you to participate in "Tesla Memorial HF Contest" which will be 
held on March, 08/09 2014 starting at 18:00 UTC and ending on 08:00 UTC.
The competition is open to operators all over the Globe.

General rules are:
Everyone works everyone on 80m band only CW;
Points are: distance between stations.

RST + QSO NR + QTH Loc. (first four elements of grid squere);
Exchange examples: 599 043 JO54, 599 065 FN12.

Multi Single TX HP;
Single HP, LP and QRP - full or limited time.

We have a WEB service software that automatically receives and checks your 
log in Cabrillo format. Claimed Score will be published right after log 
submission deadline.

Check our website for rules, awarding and more details:

Thank you and we hope to see you in the contest.

Contest Committee

73 Sinisa YU1RA

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