[CQ-Contest] what else is lost

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Sun Feb 2 16:45:42 EST 2014

Look guys,

This isn't the first time CQ has been in trouble.  

The last time around, the current ownership bought the magazine and
revitalized it.  They did so well that they were able to establish multiple
spin-offs and related magazines and publications.

Clearly times have changed.  The mere fact that most of these related
publications have, in one form or another, cease to be, is evidence of that.
To say nothing of the recent distribution issues, or the issues of paying
columnists and writers that have been discussed in the recent past.

We can dance around the issue all we want, and we can offer -- amongst
ourselves -- what appear to be viable alternatives, such as web-based
publications, or an effort to encourage new subscribers, or whatever.

Thing is, nobody appears to know what the real story is.  And more
importantly, what it would take to pull CQ bank from the brink of the abyss
again... if it can be.

Has anyone actually talked to the current ownership/management -- and gotten

Is there a business model to show that CQ (and PopComm and all the rest) are
sustainable in today's world?  

I don't want to see CQ go the way of HR & 73, especially considering it's
long history.  But what I don't know is if there is a way to keep it.

Does anyone actually know?

73, ron w3wn

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