[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX rules, it finally happened

Scott cq_dx_de_aa0aa at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 16:00:24 EST 2014

I think I just found a new business--selling automatic Iders to contesters!  

Remember the ones we constructed to connect to 2m rigs back when repeaters were still not that common?  
The CW version would send the ID out at, Oh, 50-60wpm so not to take up time.  The voice one, for the purists or if they pass a rule saying you have to ID in voice for the SSB contests could also be speeded up.  They would be better than the DVRs now in use because they could track the number of times the rig was keyed and ID according to the particular contest. 
The ardunio homebrew version could be published in NCJ and/or CQ.  It would have the side benefit of use for holding the freq just as the big guns do now with DVR (which nobody has argued is unethical though we all know it is done!).

If you think this is just a "rant", wait until they start to come out in response to this rule

Scott. AA0AA

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> Or... you may choose assisted cathegory in WPX :)
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
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>> OR.. as a little pistol, and knowing full well that my point to him is as valuable as it willbe.. I may elect to let him find me, later, when he climbs down off his high horse and actually starts working people instead of working calls. And when it gets to cq dupe.. maybe he can find me.. and maybe not.. in either case,the Qs I make, not waiting for him are worth a whole lot more than the time spent waiting.And some of the others feel that they can always.. not matter what.. find all the mults they need,that maybe true.. but I won't be able to find all the Qs that I can make sitting around waiting for someoneto take all that precious time to id...
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>> Dale - WC7S in Wy
>>> This is reasonable to me. As a really little pistol most of the time, I'm
>>> not going to get through on the first call if the guy has that big of a
>>> pileup. If I'm going to spend a few minutes calling him to get a QSO, I may
>>> as well wait for him to ID and then start calling if he's not a dupe.
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