[CQ-Contest] Super Check Partial Site Outage Resolved, New Super Check Partial Files Available VER20140205 (05 FEB 2014)

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Wed Feb 5 10:13:46 EST 2014

No thank you.  I consider supercheckpartial another form of cheating.

"Think of all the ways you can hurt yourself laughing."

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SUPERCHECKPARTIAL.COM experienced an outage yesterday.  This affected access
to the website as well as direct file download features in contest logging
programs.  The issue was resolved early this morning.


A new release of the Super Check Partial database files is now available at


Calls in the MASTER.DTA file:  45,645


If you'd like to contribute your Cabrillo format logs for the SCP database,
please send them at any time.  The easiest thing to do is to cc the
following email address:


logs at supercheckpartial.com 


...when you submit your log to the sponsor's robot after each contest.   You
can send more than one log attachment in a single email.


If you want to check the version of the SCP files you are using, look for a
call beginning with "VER".  Every SCP file includes the version number in
the list of calls.  VERYYYYMMDD


Please let me know if you find any bad calls in the files.


Thanks again to all the contributors!



Bob WA1Z

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