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I am answering below.

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> The point is that you are choosing to wait.  There are many doctors 
> available and some may make you wait less and some may make you wait 
> more.  Just like DX you might wait longer for rare dx or a rare multiplier.
The doctors with no waiting queue are usually not the more experienced ones or not the closer from home.

> Isn't contesting a competition?  When I compete in the contest it is to 
> MAXIMIZE MY SCORE, not yours!  What you might consider bad sportsman 
> ship is maximizing my score.  I am not intentionally wasting your time 
> by not Identifying, I happen to have a huge pileup of people that know 
> who I am.  What makes you so special that I need to change my operating 
> habits because you happened to find me?
When Ben Jonson or Lance Armstrong took steroids or EPO it was to MAXIMIZE THEIR PERFORMANCE too, but this was considered as bad sportsmanship.
Why ? Because in fact what was measured was the performance of the pharmaceutic labs producing the dope.
The same with not IDing, you're measuring the ability to guess a callsign thanks to DX-Clusters or Skimmers.

Anyhow, the contest rules tell that you have to follow your regulations regarding amateur radio.
In all the countries I am aware of, the regulations request at least we identify for each communication.
For the FCC : "97.119 Station identification.
(a) Each amateur station, except a space station or telecommand station, must transmit its assigned call sign on its transmitting channel at the end of each communication, and at least every 10 minutes during a communication"

Now you can say, well, when I'm contesting I'm doing only one communication for 24-48 hours, but that's wrong.
In the word of the regulators, one QSO is one communication. Please read the definition of QSO in the Q Code.
Can you communicate with ... direct or by relay?
I can communicate with ... direct (or by relay through ...).

So in the spirit of the rule, and reading the rules/regulations with the correct wording, you should be identifying at EACH QSO.
Anything else is cheating. Maybe tolerated by the contest organizers, but cheating.

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