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Contesting has got way out of control because people do not pay attend to or obey the rules, just like speeding, stop signs or whatever, so be it… it is decay…………..….moral decay….

Joe w6vnr, zf2ah

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>The point is that you are choosing to wait.  There are many doctors 
>available and some may make you wait less and some may make you wait 
>more.  Just like DX you might wait longer for rare dx or a rare multiplier.
>Waiting is YOUR choice.
>The only reason this rule is being placed in effect is because you the 
>caller can't move along.
> From the Nov/Dec 2013 NCJ
>Ward N0AX writes:
>"The All-Time Number one worst time waster from the other end of the QSO 
>is not identifying"  "I should just train myself to move on and find 
>another station to work.  Nevertheless, hugely bad sportsmanship on 
>their part.  No excuse not identifying ever few QSO's at worst."
>You can't manage yourself so you petition the organizers to change the 
>rules.  Crazy!
>Isn't contesting a competition?  When I compete in the contest it is to 
>MAXIMIZE MY SCORE, not yours!  What you might consider bad sportsman 
>ship is maximizing my score.  I am not intentionally wasting your time 
>by not Identifying, I happen to have a huge pileup of people that know 
>who I am.  What makes you so special that I need to change my operating 
>habits because you happened to find me?
>Where do we want to take this?  QRP stations can be weak, yet I have to 
>waste my time trying to pull them out of the noise?  We should require 
>that all stations run 1500 watts and tribanders or better at 50 ft?  How 
>about code speed.  Maybe we need to regulate it so you must send between 
>35-40wpm.  Anything less and you are wasting my time and anything less 
>than the above is poor sportsmanship right?
>Was it poor sportsmanship in the Superbowl for the Seattle defenders to 
>crush, hold, push, shove, impede the Denver receivers, some of which 
>could be considered against the rules, even though the officials didn't 
>throw a flag?  NO.  There was no mention of Seattle being poor sports 
>was there?  Is the NFL going to change their rules so that what Seattle 
>did on defense will not be allowed because they were poor sports?  NO!
>Most of the posts are saying that there is an ENTITLEMENT to work each 
>and every station you come across in a contest.  That is simply not true.
>We need rules.  We need to enforce the ones we already have and we need 
>to make them clear and concise and we need rules that can be enforced.  
>Less is more in this case.
>Where are the hard facts on how many stations are not identifying on a 
>regular basis?  Back up the rule with hard facts.  Lacking facts this 
>rule change is made because the organizers are hesitant, afraid or 
>resistant to discussing the issue with the offenders.  How are we coming 
>on policing the power issues?  Not very far.  The real issue is that if 
>I don't send in a long I can do whatever I want and you people are still 
>going to be complaining.
>How are those drug laws and traffic laws working?  Nobody speeds and 
>there are no drugs on the street right?
>If we want to make changes then education is key not more rules. Get out 
>to the contest clubs and write articles with facts not just opinions, as 
>opinions are like.......etc....   Prove to me that my score is going to 
>go up because I ID every contact if you can.  Real facts please.
>What happened to the person running the pileup was in charge?
>I agree that stations should identify on regular basis and the vast 
>majority do!  I don't agree with the rule the way it is written and slid 
>out under the cover of darkness.  It is not enforceable and only 
>addresses competitors who send in logs.
>Mike W0MU
>On 2/7/2014 11:03 PM, Robert Chudek - K0RC wrote:
>> Hah! I'm sorry Shelby, but I got a huge laugh out of this one... 
>> /"//No one, on this earth, has the power to control the time of any 
>> one!"/
>> You have never sat in the waiting room for the doctor??? It's the same 
>> principle but instead you're sitting in front of a radio.
>> 73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
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>> On 2/7/2014 3:34 PM, Shelby Summerville wrote:
>>> XV4Y (Yan) wrote: "They are BIG-GUNS and they have the power to 
>>> control the time, your time more precisely."
>>> No one, on this earth, has the power to control the time of any one! 
>>> There are some that have that objective, but unless YOU allow it, 
>>> it's just not possible!
>>> C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW
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