[CQ-Contest] update from NQ4I ice storm 2014

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Wed Feb 12 17:02:38 EST 2014

Hi all...well the antennas are starting to give up...so far I have lost the
top 40m KLM 4 el at 155 ft that is used for the MULT station...it is
dangling from the top of the tower..next to go will be the 3 el Telrex 40m
RUN top antenna...also ready to fold up is the monster 8 el homebrew 8 el
20m on 89 ft boom...not looking good either is the top 8 el 15m RUN antenna
at 155 ft...I might very well lose the rest of the antennas tonight...it is
raining and ice pellets and the loads keep increasing on the antennas...we
had planed to operate in the ARRL CW this coming weekend...not sure if
there will be any antennas left...tomorrow morning will end the storm
around 11 am..temps are forecast to rise to 34 degrees F and maybe some
melting will tke place.

de Rick NQ4I

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