[CQ-Contest] This IS cheating, right?

Rick Lindquist, WW1ME ww1me at roadrunner.com
Sun Feb 23 10:08:33 EST 2014

Hi, Bob

Thanks for your input. My score is irrelevant. It was an incomplete contact,
plain and simple. I had not copied his info, tried twice to get it, yet he
informed me, calling me "Eric" - a name I do not use on the air - thanking
me for ME, and moving on to another caller. It puzzled me that he even
called me by "name," since that's not part of the exchange for the CQ 160.
Anyway, I never confirmed the contact and only determined his state by
listening to subsequent QSOs. That approach, in and of itself, may be
debatable, but I did not go to an outside Internet database. 

Even if the op *really* said "Rick" and not what I believe I heard, I did
not confirm receipt of his info, and he certainly never copied mine, since I
had not provided it yet.

This is not an attempt to "get back at him." It was an incomplete contact,
and it is gone. I'd have more qualms about leaving it in my log, frankly.

73, Rick, WW1ME

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While the guy you worked was obviously assisted, why would you reduce *your*
score to get back at him?

I'd include your description of what happened with your log submittal and
let the contest sponsor sort it out.

I'd wager that he's putting other given names in his log rather than what
was sent on the air.  They'll figure that out.

There's talk about automatic DQ for people who do what you're suggesting -
i.e.; intentionally deleting a QSO from your log.

While the other guy is sleazy for sure, what you're suggesting is not much
better and really only hurts your score.

Don't do it.


Bob W5OV

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Okay, conditions for the CQ 160 SSB have been extremely noisy for many of us
along the Eastern Seaboard. Operators have routinely been CQing in the face
of several callers, and few seem to be able to hear me, although I did snag
HK1NA and a guy in Iowa, so the antenna system still works, such as it is.


Anyway, I digress. A station came back to me, but I could not copy his state
among the static crashes, so I asked for a repeat. The op comes back: "Okay,
thanks, Eric, for Maine." Well, two problems here: (1) I had not given him
his report yet (and never did), and (2) I never use my given name on or off
the air - I go by "Rick." The logical conclusion here is that he had his
logger set to look up on the Internet stations he was working, and he got my
given name AND my exchange info from a call sign database.


I don't expect to log more than a few dozen Qs in this event, but his will
not be among the ones I submit, even though it was a needed mult.


Rick, WW1ME


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