[CQ-Contest] CQ160ssb report

Jeff Blaine jeff at ac0c.com
Sun Feb 23 12:04:10 EST 2014


Bands here were not great either but my experience was pretty good.  I run 
99.9% of the time on CW/RTTY and the SSB contest this weekend turned out to 
be a blast.   For a domestic contest, a KS location is pretty good and 
there's not too many 160m ops here so I had an easy time running.

The static conditions were very miserable Friday night but better on 
Saturday.  And I had the able assistance of my 2-year-old running around in 
the background attempting to help with each exchange.  Lot of 6/7 guys in 
the log although signals generally speaking were weaker from that direction 
than the east coast.  5s and 4s were booming in here both nights.

This really made up for all those lonely nights when I can hear the east 
coast guys working DX that are below the ether level here in the midwest. 
Only 2 DX in my log here so we are not breaking any records either.

GOod luck.


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Well now, there are 33 lucky contestors that have me in their log... after 3 
of S&P with not a lot of success, and many overheard comments about how bad
the band was... I finally ran out of time.
Now, I am resolved to not do ssb contests... again.

33Q 17states 1122Total...  pretty sad, I know..

Have a great day,

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Dale - WC7S in Wy

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