[CQ-Contest] It wasn't a QSO... Or was it?

Mike & Coreen Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Feb 23 17:01:41 EST 2014


(de VE9AA)

I would not have logged the QSO.(you are not VE3XT and that’s who he has, in
ON, in his log)


  Every once in a while someone will have decided that I am VE8AA and QSL or
R  a QSO that never took place. (I am not VE8AA) 


Either I will try to keep getting through to correct them, or I will drop
it, move on and perhaps stumble across them later if they have a monster
pileup going.


In  the CQ 160M SSB this weekend, there was a W0, who, for whatever reason,
got my call perfectly the first time, however kept asking me if I was in
.Now, what a VE9 would be doing in Montana is beyond me, but someone
needs to take a Geography lesson, hi hi .  Seeing as how QRN was brutal I
stuck with him for a few overs to give him a GeoPolitical lesson that VE9’s
don’t normally hang out in Big Sky Country and we hopefully made a good QSO.

If, on the other hand, after many overs he had just ended up saying “thanks
for Montana”, I wouldn’t have logged the QSO, simple as that.


73 de Mike VE9AA


Hi all,


In ARRL DX CW, I called one of the ZZ80xyz stations.


He came back to me as VE3XT. Following the advice of many stations on here,

I withheld my exchange to give him the opportunity to get my call correct,

sending only my call and putting emphasis on the 4.


At no point on his frequency did I ever send my exchange, but he came back

³R R R VE3XT ON TU² at which point the pileup resumed and the contact was



I¹m sure he¹s got VE3XT in his log. I don¹t have that particular ZZ80 in

mine. In my mind, the QSO never got off the ground. It was taxiing toward

the runway, but the plane blew a tire before it got there. Remember: I never

sent my exchange, so he can¹t have received what I didn¹t send.


I didn¹t DELETE the Q. I simply didn¹t log what didn¹t exist.


(I¹ve already filed my log without this ZZ80 QSO, so there¹s no risk of

post-contest scrubbing.)


In my mind, I did what was right. I didn¹t claim credit for something

neither he nor I deserve.


However, I suppose that the way log-checking works, I could have logged that

QSO and he¹d be the only one busted for a busted Q.


So, what¹s the collective opinion: Log QSOs you know don¹t qualify as QSOs,

or log everything and let the chips fall. Is the penalty for the guilty

party better or worse that way?


73, kelly



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