[CQ-Contest] It wasn't a QSO... Or was it?

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Mon Feb 24 16:54:02 EST 2014


Since this is the CQ-Contest list I was referring to contest operations.
If you try and correct a miscopied callsign and the op refuses to do so,
you will still get credit for the QSO. The rules are very different for
DXers. If your callsign is not in the log you will not get credit for
the country. So if you really need the country, then by all means do
what you can to ensure that the callsign is copied correctly. 

John KK9A - P40A 

On 2014-02-24 15:09, iain macdonnell - N6ML wrote: 

> Withholding the exchange *until the running station sends a correct
> exchange to you, including your correct callsign* seems like a
> reasonable thing to do to me. If you give your exchange before
> receiving all of the information you need from him, you may not get
> another chance to ask for it. In a contest where the exchange is the
> same for each QSO (state or power), that maybe not an issue, but it
> could be in other contests, where the exchange contains a serial
> number (the running station could be SO2R or part of a multi-op, so
> you may not be able to infer it).
> As a DXer, I've trained myself to not give an exchange to DX that I
> really care about until s/he has my call right - I've learned that
> lesson the hard way a few times...
> 73,
> ~iain / N6ML
> On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 6:31 PM, <john at kk9a.com> wrote:
>> Who is giving this advice? I personally dislike someone withholding the exchange. With the exception of RTTY, if I hear someone giving their callsign before the exchange I assume that I have it incorrect. After copying everything I acknowledge the correct call and move on to the next caller. When no report is sent I have to acknowledge the call and then ask for the report again and wait for the response. Sometimes I already had the call correct and the station thinks I do not, now it becomes really awkward. It is a big time waster. John KK9A To:CQ-Contest <cq-contest at contesting.com> Subject:[CQ-Contest] It wasn't a QSO... Or was it? From:Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at mymts.net> Date:Sun, 23 Feb 2014 10:57:47 -0600 Hi all, In ARRL DX CW, I called one of the ZZ80xyz stations. He came back to me as VE3XT. Following the advice of many stations on here, I withheld my exchange to give him the opportunity to get my call correct, sending only my call and putting emphasis on the 4. 73, kelly ve4xt
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