[CQ-Contest] PVRC Reunion Event This Weekend June 6-8

Kennan Low kenke3x at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 07:58:31 EDT 2014

Dear Contesters -

Please note our annual PVRC Reunion is coming up this weekend June 6-8.

The PVRC Reunion encourages all PVRC menbers worldwide, especially those
who have moved outside the PVRC circle, to get on the air and renew
friendships across the club.   This is more of an 'operating event' (like
Field Day) than a pure 'contest', and ragchews are encouraged.

This year we have updated the rules to a 'Semi-Open' format in which PVRC
members can log non-PVRC callers, so if you are a non-PVRC'er and hear 'CQ
PVRC' on the air, feel free to call in for a short (or long) chat.

We will be activating several 'PVRC Legends' callsigns including W4KFC and
W3GRF.   Here's your chance to get a few legendary callsigns in your log!

To simplify logging, a N1MM 'User Defined Contest' module has been
developed.  Download instructions can be found at the PVRC Reunion Rules
page at:


Hope to hear you on the air this weekend - 73!

Brad K4RT
PVRC Reunion Contest Director

Ken KE3X
PVRC President

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