[CQ-Contest] WRTC News #27 - Callsigns for WRTC2014 Competition Announced

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Fri Jun 13 15:00:16 EDT 2014


Callsigns for WRTC2014 Competition Announced

WINDHAM, NH Issued June 13, 2014. WRTC 2014, Inc., host of the 2014 World
Radiosport Team Championship competition, is pleased to announce the
callsigns that will be used by the 59 teams competing in the event.

The WRTC competitors will use 1x1 callsigns from the USA first call area.
Sixteen of the available 75 callsigns will not be used, including the
longest and shortest CW suffixes ("J", "Q", "Y", "E") and suffixes that are
frequently miscopied on CW ("H"). Note that the "X" suffixes are not
available in this callsign series.

"We wanted to have calls for the teams that were distinctive and fun," said
Doug Grant, Chairman of WRTC2014. "This will make it easy for those chasing
the WRTC2014 teams to identify them. It also provides a connection back to
WRTC-1996 in San Francisco, which was the first time that 1x1 calls were
used in the United States."

Following the tradition of previous WRTC events, teams will not know the
callsign they will use until the referee hands them a sealed envelope just
15 minutes before the contest begins. This puts all teams at an equal
starting point and helps maintain the anonymity of the teams.

Participation awards are available for anyone who works a WRTC2014 team
during the competition. These include QSL cards, awards for working all 59
teams, and awards for working teams on the most band-modes. Contacts with
the WRTC2014 teams will count 5 points in the ARRL Centennial QSO Party.
Full information on the available awards can be found at

A checklist that can be used to keep track of the WRTC2014 stations will
appear in the July/August issue of the National Contest Journal and on the
WRTC2014 web site.

Fifty-nine (59) teams of top amateur radio contest operators from 38
countries will travel to the New England area July 8-14, 2014 to compete in
WRTC2014. Participation is based on qualifying scores posted in major
contests between 2010 and 2014. A group of referees and judges, themselves
well-known contest operators, will oversee the competition and confirm the

About WRTC2014

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is held every four years and
consists of 50+ two-person teams of amateur radio operators from around the
world competing in a test of operating skill.  Unlike most on-the-air
competitions, all stations are required to use identical antennas from the
same geographic region, eliminating all variables except operating ability.
Previous WRTCs have been held in Seattle (1990), San Francisco (1996),
Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002), Brazil (2006), and Russia (2010).  More
information is available at www.wrtc2014.org or contact WRTC Chairman Doug
Grant, K1DG, via e-mail at k1dg at wrtc2014.org.

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