[CQ-Contest] Comments on CQWW Rules

Dave N1IX dave at n1ix.com
Wed Jun 25 20:12:18 EDT 2014

I usually try to work the station and then log him when he eventually gives
his call. Sometimes he will send "B4". If he gets enough "B4"s he will send
his call more often. 
I think the rule is a step it the right direction but I think IDing  every 3
-5 qsos is a better idea.

Dave N1IX

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While it is a step in the right direction, ID'ing in a timely manner; i.e 1
minute, it is too subjective and will easily be violated. Please consider a
more definitive approach....something like: id'ing must be done at least
every 3-5 qsos. Most good ops ID more often than that. Even if a station is
running at 5 qsos/minute, waiting for the call of a station will not cause
the listener that much of a loss of valuable time.


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