[CQ-Contest] Remote at WRTC: Come to WRTC 2014 Boston, Operate IARU Radiosport from Vermont, Sweden, Brazil or upstate New York!

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This is a link to the CEPT rule:


I agree with Paul - the CEPT rules only apply to in-person "visits" to the
CEPT countries.

The CEPT rules do not apply to remote operations, as they don't even
mention the subject.  Clearly, when you're a remote operator, you are not
visiting the country in question.

I'm still waiting to see actual rules (laws) that specifically preclude
remote operations.  As far as I can tell, there are none.

IARU has made recommendations, and some individuals representing some of
the authorities have made comments that it is their opinion that remote
operation is not permitted, but as of today, I have yet to see any law
published that supports such preclusive claims.


Bob W5OV

On Thu, June 26, 2014 11:43 am, Peter Voelpel wrote:
> Hi Paul, where can I read that?
> 73
> Peter
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> It should be noted that reciprocal licences granted
> under CEPT legislation apply only to visitors - when physically present in
> the countries concerned.
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