[CQ-Contest] Unique Radiosport Aspect of Contesting

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That is not correct.  I send you K4XS 59905.  You log it  as K4XS 59904.  
You send QSL and so do I after I receive your  exchange.  I still get credit 
for the QSO, you get busted.  You get  nothing, I get points.
Bill K4XS
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hs0zcw at gmail.com writes:

Unique  Radiosport Aspect of Contesting is in those cases where credit is
only  given for a contact IF BOTH contesters send, receive, and record  the
contact information correctly.

This is a quite unique situation  in sports where the opposing contender's
correct behavior is necessary for  your own benefit.  Is there any other
sport where the "other guy" must  act in a good way for mutual scoring
benefit for both  contenders?

Ham radio is wonderful.  73,

Charly,  HS0ZCW
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