[CQ-Contest] W/VE contacts from W/VE in ARRL DX

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 13:06:27 EST 2014

I agree with John's point regarding lack of advertising for ARRL DX
Contest.  As a small pistol on the other side of the pond, I must say I was
quite  disappointed in the amount of North American participants. You do
not notice the lack of Americans and Canadians in the big gun logs here in
Europe, but my impression is that level of serious participation from mid
size US (in particular) stations has decreased compared to a decade or two
ago.  The big guns ar e always there, but what I think ARRL should do
before next contest is to make some serious PR and marketing for one of the
best contests I know.

73 de RM2D (SM6LRR)

(I worked my first ARRL DX Contest in 1981 and had more exciting times with
an HW 101 and a 12AVQ than this year due to much higher NA participation)

2014-03-04 19:27 GMT+04:00 John Boudreau <John_Boudreau at gov.nt.ca>:

> Being from a somewhat rare call area I literally have to hide outside the
> US phone bands or I get swamped with W/VE stations calling me.  I'm always
> shocked at how many ops still call even if they're out of band.
> I think part of the problem this year is that ARRL totally dropped the
> ball advertising the contest.  None of the usual banner ads on their web
> pages, no mention on their home page, nothing outside of the usual contest
> calendar on their Contesting page, not even a mention on their Facebook
> page.  I would hope that the advertising usually results in a bit more
> heightened awareness among the non-contesters and maybe even encourages a
> few more to get in on the action.
>  John VE8EV
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> I get occasional W/VE callers in the ARRL DX contests. Especially on SSB
> it is easy to politely tell these folks we can't work each other in this
> contest. When I do that they often thank me for telling them. I'm amazed
> that many of the big guns work these guys as if they count. That just
> perpetuates the problem and they go off looking for another contact. Maybe
> it is slightly quicker to do that on CW rather than explain we can't work
> each other but certainly not on phone. All of us benefit if we let these
> neophytes know they need to be working DX.  Hey - at least they are trying
> to participate rather than sitting out there griping about the contesters.
> Marv N5AW
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