[CQ-Contest] Latest re CQ Magazine "From the Horse's Mouth"

Yuri Blanarovich k3bu at optimum.net
Fri Mar 14 17:30:14 EDT 2014

Cost of paper, newsprint is the cheapest.
Cost of mailing, first class, vs. bulk, vs. post office stuffing 
Cost of page makeup, computer editing is making it cheaper.

Need minimum number of subscribers to break even.
Hard to have high quality printed magazine to compete with junk mail.

It is heart breaking to see the "baby" losing money. Internet publishing 
is eating into printed magazines, it is more question of adapting to 
fit, or die.

I have been there with my beloved Radiosporting magazine, which was 
killed by inability to plow anymore money (after "investing" my own 
$80,000), health problems, and "shock" of moving to US. What did not 
help, was the free samples mailed out ("love it, but won't subscribe"), 
competition from NCJ (joined ARRL). Soo, I had to admit defeat and 
continue fighting for livelihood and taking care of family. For 10 years 
I did not even have a station (not even invite to operate), but managed 
to survive, stayed married and got kids through schools.
I sympathize with editors/publishers, but the reality of life sometimes 
doesn't allow things go as we would like to, and one has to do what is 
more important and adapt. Technology and internet are transforming and 
speeding up things, we either adapt or die.
Thanks to all those who supported our ham magazines and lets hope for 
smooth transition of what's left.
Internet publishing allows low cost publishing of high quality text, 
photo and video, so lets hope to see CQ and others to flourish.

73 Yuri, VE3BMV, K3BU.us

 On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 04:13 PM, Yuri wrote:
 > I wonder - with all these junk magazines and flyers I receive almost 
every day, is it really difficult to manage printing HAM Radio magazine?
> Yuri  VE3DZ
> (just paid for 2 years subscription few months ago...)
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "David Siddall" To: Sent: 14 March, 
> 2014 10:33
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Latest re CQ Magazine "From the Horse's Mouth"
>> Extensive interview with CQ Editor Rich Moseson W2VU released 
>> yesterday by
>> HamRadioNow.
>> http://arvideonews.com/hrn/HRN_Episode_0136.html
>> BTW, I've had my March-April digital edition since Monday, apparently 
>> W2VU
>> didn't know that it already had been released.
>> 73,  Dave K3ZJ
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