[CQ-Contest] Size of Dual Monitors

Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Mon Mar 17 18:47:09 EDT 2014

I've been mostly off the air for the past couple of weeks, partly due to duties from the day job, and partly because I've been putting in a new PC into the shack and otherwise cleaning up the wiring.

The most visible change in the shack: a new 22:9 extra-widescreen (2560×1080) monitor which looks to be nearly ideally proportioned for SO2R use.   It's already been a joy to use as I get software installed and configured on the new machine.

(The new PC actually drives 3 monitors.  Sadly they're currently a mixed set of monitors, but I see the extra monitors being used mostly to display "extra" stuff....so the mismatch isn't that troubling to me.)

Michael / N1EN

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