[CQ-Contest] Comments requested on the Mosley Pro-96-S yagi

Ray Benny rayn6vr at cableone.net
Tue Mar 25 22:25:34 EDT 2014

Please ask your DX guys their thoughts / experience with the Mosley
PRO-96-S antenna.

It is impressive with 4-elements on 40m, 3-elements on 30m, 5-elements each
on 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m and 8-elements on 10m.  My experience (15-years or
more ago) with Mosley was positive however my Yagi at that time was not
this model.

The antenna has a 4-inch boom and weighs 276-pounds with 27.9 sq. ft. of
wind surface area so it not a small antenna!  It comes with a 2-year
warranty.  Maximum element length is 44-feet with a 48-foot boom and a
turning radius of about 33-feet.

Any comments on the Green Heron vs M2 controller would be appreciated.

My tower has been ordered and will be ordering  an OR2800PXAZ rotator and
either a Green Heron or M2 controller. . . based upon comments of users.

73, Dick - W7QHE

Pse repy to Dick at: dickdiddams at gmail.com


Ray, N6VR

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