[CQ-Contest] Rotors and preset controller

Ben Antanaitis - WB2RHM wb2rhm at wb2rhm.com
Wed Mar 26 16:26:18 EDT 2014


Don't lose any sleep about your DCU-1.........  they have a DCU-3 
version now, with all the 'preset' buttons and MORE..... and it costs 
hundreds of dollars less than the original and can be controlled via 
any DCU-1 compatible control program.   Lightning killed my DCU-1 and 
I am now very happy with my DCU-3.


Ben - WB2RHM/4

PS  N1MM Rotor Control Program allows me to auto-rotate my beam, by 
just entering the 'target' callsign into the 'Entry' box with 
keyboard or mouse-click, the DCU-3 does the rest.

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