[CQ-Contest] ARRL Accepting Resumes for Contest Branch

Bokverket info at bokverket.com
Sun Mar 30 05:28:59 EDT 2014

Well, I suppose all readers of this list fulfill the requirement  "5 to 7 
years of active participation in amateur radio contesting". So it's just a 
matter to look at yourself and see if you fulfill the other major one "5 to 
7 years personnel, software and process management in a non-profit 
environment", which I suspect will narrow the pool considerably.  Remember, 
you must also "engage in good hygiene", whatever that means, which I think 
is pretty incompatible with high-level participation in major contests. So 
maybe we have an empty set of qualified candidates, hopefully the ARRL will 
relax some requirements (I have not listed a number of others, see 

All the best,


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