[CQ-Contest] Flex Radio Question

Stuart Phillips stu at ridgelift.com
Mon May 5 22:33:49 EDT 2014

Really?  Who fed you this line?

This is just utterly wrong - computer control of any radio requires some
consideration for workflow.  Note - ANY radio.

I successfully contest all modes with FlexRadio products and I¹m delighted
with my 6700.  At least one other serious contester here in the Bay Area
sold his K3 after buying a 6700.

You never responded to my email offering comments - standing offer to you
or anyone else - I am a serious contester with a FlexRadio 6700 and very
happy - even happier to answer questions!

Sorry Tod but you didn¹t get the straight scoop.
Stu K6TU

On 5/5/14, 1:14 PM, "Tod Olson" <tod at k0to.us> wrote:

>Thanks to all who responded with information about Flex Radios and
>It would appear that at this time  these radios are not able to provide
>operating ergonomics that may be required by very serious contest
>Tod, K0TO
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