[CQ-Contest] Flex Radio Question

Ron Settle settleron at comcast.net
Wed May 7 09:14:38 EDT 2014

I use a FLEX 5000. THe Flex uses a software package called PowerSDR.
PowerSDR control is centered around pointing and clicking in the panadapter
to tune and move around in the band.  I use that feature effectively in S&P
to simply click my way up the band, with the panadapter essentially lining
up the qsos like on a conveyer belt.  

A simple click on the panadapter, a click on N1MM, type in the call sign and
go.  It was the first contest I used the Flex in that I was able to get this
method down pat... not a year.

The only enhancement I'd like to see in the SDR software is incorporation of
the band map on the panadapter screen.  Imagine all your multipliers on a
conveyer belt ready for you to call!!

I use the point and click method to move around in a DX pileup, watching the
panadapter to learn the dx stations calling habits and then placing my
signal in the nearest trough as he works his way up the band.  I find this a
very convenient method of operation, almost like cheating.

Now to qualify my statements, I work with a computer day in day out 12 to 16
hours a day.  I am very comfortable with them.  I make my living with them.
I use 3 monitors in my station, 1ea 27", 2ea 24" all tied to the same CPU.
This makes for a very large computer desktop.  I use a track ball instead of
a mouse. My station is highly automated (computer controlled steppir,
computer controlled rotator, auto tuners, automatic antenna switching). All
these thing add up to making my SDR very easy for me to operate in dxing and

I think you are going to find in your study is that someone that is very
comfortable with a computer will take to an SDR like a duck to a pond.  But
the less computer initiated will probably feel clumsy and uncomfortable with
an SDR and will prefer the good old traditional knob radio.


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