[CQ-Contest] SDR's have knobs too!

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Fri May 9 13:29:58 EDT 2014


Software Defined Radios have knobs - and if you want, more than one!

So let¹s debunk this myth once and for all:

1. Software Defined Radios can and do have knobs
2. Don¹t let knob-itism get in the way of appreciating the better
   offered by software defined radios.

I respect folks who like their knob based radios - and indeed, I use knobs
with my SDR based station and wouldn¹t be without it.

But I would never go back to a non-SDR radio - the experience and the
advantages are simply too compelling.

Stu K6TU

On 5/9/14, 9:49 AM, "Edward Sawyer" <SawyerEd at Earthlink.net> wrote:

>There might be an app for sex too - but that doesn't mean its better or
>enjoyable than the real thing.
>A lot of us like turning the big knob.  And as SO2R ops know - 2 big knobs
>are better than 1 big knob ;-).
>Just because its possible - doesn't make it better.
>Ed  N1UR
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