[CQ-Contest] SDR's have knobs too!

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"when the callsigns and signal strength are all there available" 

This is a typical assumption among the anti-SDR crowd: SDR users only operate assisted. This is not always the case! 

Why not use your eyes in addition to ears to find signals? BTW you can see things like chirp on a SDR panadapter :) 


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 Why bother turning the knob when the
 callsigns and signal strength are all
 there available for you in point and click fashion - or
 worse - in automated
 harvest and log and somehow think its still fun mode.
 The "magic of radio" is in the discovery process - in my
 book.  Its much
 like the difference of a road trip across country with GPS
 and automated
 info about the area vs discovering the road as you go. 
 The problem often occurs when you don't let yourself
 "discover" - you think
 you found everything because you found everything you were
 looking for.  But
 you will rarely find what you weren't looking for - unless
 you give yourself
 the freedom to "discover".
 If you have never waited around for the half chirpy CW
 signal with Polar
 flutter on 20M CW to sign as HS0XXX or the interesting
 accent near the noise
 floor on 15M SSB at 04Z to sign 3D2XX, you have not really
 experienced DXing
 or Contesting in my book.  And it’s a shame that
 people have lost that
 enjoyment out a well intended - but misguided (in my
 opinion) effort to look
 for efficiency over all else.
 Ed  N1UR
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 Subject: SDR's have knobs too!
 Software Defined Radios have knobs - and if you want, more
 than one!
 So let¹s debunk this myth once and for all:
 1. Software Defined Radios can and do have knobs 2. Don¹t
 let knob-itism get
 in the way of appreciating the better capabilities
    offered by software defined radios.
 I respect folks who like their knob based radios - and
 indeed, I use knobs
 with my SDR based station and wouldn¹t be without it.
 But I would never go back to a non-SDR radio - the
 experience and the
 advantages are simply too compelling.
 Stu K6TU
 On 5/9/14, 9:49 AM, "Edward Sawyer" <SawyerEd at Earthlink.net>
 >There might be an app for sex too - but that doesn't
 mean its better or 
 >more enjoyable than the real thing.
 >A lot of us like turning the big knob.  And as SO2R
 ops know - 2 big 
 >knobs are better than 1 big knob ;-).
 >Just because its possible - doesn't make it better.
 >Ed  N1UR
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