[CQ-Contest] SDR's have knobs too!

PA5MW, Mark pa5mw at home.nl
Sat May 10 06:06:58 EDT 2014

On 9-5-2014 19:29, Stu Phillips wrote:
> Ed,
> Software Defined Radios have knobs - and if you want, more than one!
> So let¹s debunk this myth once and for all:
> 1. Software Defined Radios can and do have knobs
No they do not.
Not even an ON/OFF switch. There's nothing to touch manually.
My Perseus is controlled by the Tmate2 WoodboxRadio controlbox; large 
VFO, 2 big rotable and another 6 push knobs + a display.
Still it's a typical PC interface thingy, with its quirks. Close, but 
not what I would like the SDR-in-a-box to be.
> 2. Don¹t let knob-itism get in the way of appreciating the better
> capabilities offered by software defined radios.
Agree; the panadapter waterfall of the Microtelecom Perseus (or any 
SDR)  is a GREAT addition.
Both in contesting (see how some splatter several Kc's side so avoid the 
next channel), and weak signal DX'ing, be it Topband/Magic Band/Any 
VHF/UHF band. See signals before you can actually hear them.

> I respect folks who like their knob based radios - and indeed, I use knobs
> with my SDR based station and wouldn¹t be without it.
> But I would never go back to a non-SDR radio - the experience and the
> advantages are simply too compelling.
On our contest station(PI4TUE) during 3 winter seasons tried upgrading 
from TS950 to FT1000MP(with roofer mod) to IC756ProIII(inc roofer mod), 
to Elecraft K3, to FLEX 3000, to TenTec ORION. After the change to the 
ORION nobody wanted anything else anymore. Best User Interface + Best 
TRX performance. After another 4yrs now installed a second ORION.

Station is used by core crew of PI4TUE, occasionally by  YL contest 
group (PI4YLC) and during the week by visitors.
The FLEX3000 is stil in the shack on the main HF desk. Being used for 
6m, not picked by anyone for HF.

Bottom line for all of us: SDR-radio is a great addition to any station, 
but not as main contest TRX.

73 Mark, PA5MW

> Stu K6TU

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