[CQ-Contest] drink for the contests to be kept awake?

Martin , LU5DX lu5dx at lucg.com.ar
Wed May 14 07:45:46 EDT 2014

Hi Alfredo.
In my case I don't drink coffee except during  CQ WW DX CW contests on
Sunday morning around 9-10 AM.
The best I can tell to stay awake is to eat right and in very small
portions throughout the contest, every 3-4 hours.(Fruits, cereal cookies,
cereal bars).
I don't eat from Saturday 23 Z till Sunday 9-10 AM (usually a light
breakfast which includes coffee). During that time, if you feel your sugar
levels are going down and down, probably a few candies, cookies, or  a Coke
may help.
What you certainly CANNOT do is avoid drinking fluids, preferably water,
throughout the contest.
Of course all this depends on how healthy you are. If you have any kind of
physical condition, you better ask your doctor about staying awake for 48
hours straight.

The other most important thing to me, that helps me stay awake is air flow
inside the shack. If weather allows, have windows open at night. Here in
zone 12/13 t we are approaching summer during  CQ WW tests temperature is
usually between 90° to 100° during the day and if we are lucky enough in
the middle 60°s at night. So fresh air really helps you oxygenate and stay

Vy 73.

Martin, LU5DX

P.S. In the past year I failed twice to operate the full 48 hours and ended
up needing a short 1 hour nap during Sundays AM. And I believe it was
because I did eat a whole lot and had a couple more drinks than usual
during the previous week...We'll see how it goes this year during CQ WW DX

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> Hi everyone
> That drink for the contests to be kept awake. I here drink energy drink or
> coffee. And you? 73'
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