[CQ-Contest] drink for the contests to be kept awake?

Randy Lake randyn1kwf at gmail.com
Wed May 14 12:28:18 EDT 2014

Hi Alfredo.
I do not even try to stay up for 48 hours. I operate in a Multi environment
so do not really need to. I do tend to stay up most of the first night do
to the excitement. What I do is bring 4 or 5 "5 Hour Energy Drink" bottles
and spread them out over the weekend. I drink plenty of different types of
water provided by our wonderful host, I drink V8 juice in the morning, he
serves a light breakfast each morning. I still feel exhausted by the end of
the weekend. My feeling is the 2 weeks prior to the contest are key to
getting your "already healthy" body ready for the 48 hours.
This topic has been covered many many times in the past and there was some
very good info in the past on sleep intervals and the prep needed before
the contest.
Best of luck!
     Randy N1KWF

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> Hi everyone
> That drink for the contests to be kept awake. I here drink energy drink or
> coffee. And you? 73'
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