[CQ-Contest] N4PN , K0DQ and K5ZD in Dayton Daily News Article

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue May 20 13:08:57 EDT 2014

Truly a shame that he's now too busy to continue Radio-Sport.Net.
He was a breath of fresh air, and a very unbiased source of a lot of information.
73, ron w3wn

On 05/20/14, Eric Rosenberg wrote:

Note that the article was written by PVRCer Jamie Dupree, NS3T, former
editor and publisher of Radio-Sport.Net

Great job, Jamie!

Eric W3DQ

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>From Dayton, Ohio One reason I ended up in radio news was my childhood
interest in AM and shortwave radio listening, which then led me into the
amateur radio hobby.
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