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Tue May 20 14:31:01 EDT 2014

I'd like to second all of Bob's comments.  This was my first opportunity to
do the "full Dayton experience" with Contest University and all the other
events and it was thoroughly enjoyable.  

For those of you who were at the Contest Dinner, I'd also like to correct an
error of omission.

In my comments Saturday night I lost my place in my notes and missed a key
acknowledgement.  That is, of N6TV himself.

As many of you know, Bob has selflessly supported the contesting community
in a wide variety of fora.  This is yet another example.

So, for the record, BRAVO ZULU, TV Bob!  And thanks!

Scott, K0DQ

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It was nice to see many of you at Dayton.

Thanks to K3LR for an outstanding job organizing and hosting many activities
of interest to contesters at Dayton, including:

   - Contest University (CTU)
   - Antenna Forum
   - Top Band Dinner
   - Contest Dinner
   - Many pizza parties at the Super Suite

K1DG gave fine presentations at both CTU and The Contest Dinner, hosted the
Contest Forum, and manned the WRTC booth.

K1AR did an outstanding job as Master of Ceremonies (MC) at the Contest
Dinner, where W0YK and K0DQ were honored as the newest members of the CQ
Contest Hall of Fame, with background presented by K6UFO and N4OC,

My photos of most of these events are now online here (redirects to the
Picasaweb site):


Feel free to publish this link and re-use any of these photos in club
newsletters or web sites or blogs as long as the source is indicted.

For other publications, or for high resolution originals without watermark,
please contact me directly.


Bob, N6TV

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