[CQ-Contest] Yukon Plans for CW SS

jpescatore--- via CQ-Contest cq-contest at contesting.com
Mon Nov 3 06:02:36 EST 2014

Eric VY1EI had reached out and the original plan was that I would remotely operate VY1EI and help Eric bring
the NT mult to the masses. However, the Internet connection at Eric's remote
station was down for months and just got back up on Thursday before SS, with a
new IP address. Ralph N5RZ was a big help figuring out the RemoteRig settings.

I spent all day Saturday getting my K3 wired in Twin mode with
the RemoteRig, and configuring N1MM and the Remote Rigs together - only to have
everything stop working 1 hour before the start. Called Eric and we found the IP
address had changed again, reconfigured everything for that just about at
starting time - and now the connectivity was spotty - frequent drop outs that
made it totally unusable for CW, especially with the complex SS Exchange.

So, I got the K3 back in standalone mode and then had to backtrack on a bunch
of N1MM settings, too - I lost most of the first hour. From there on out it was
pretty much a standard CW SS effort, except periodically I would recable the K3
to try VY1EI again, but no luck.

John K3TN

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