[CQ-Contest] 10/15 interaction

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Thu Nov 6 13:33:39 EST 2014


Thanks for all the quick responses. Here is a summary of what I've heard 
so far.

1) I am already using coax stubs on both the 10M and 15M feedlines, and 
I believe these are working. I do not have a 15M reject stub on the 10M 
feed, so this is a good suggestion and I will try it.

2) Kelly VE4XT had a good suggestion to add a choke balun on the 10M 
yagi in addition to the standard KLM balun that is already in place to 
see if this will help. The 10M feedline runs down through the plane of 
the 15M yagi. WX is nice here and I can easily try this.

3) There may be less interaction when the yagis are 90 degrees from each 
other, but in almost all situations, I am pointing them in the same 
direction. Also, my goal is to eliminate the HI RFI problem from 
happening in any scenario.

4) Getting rid of the K-3's is not something I would consider.

5) The antennas are both 6 element KLM big stickers, both with standard 
KLM feed baluns of that era.

73 Randy K0EU

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