[CQ-Contest] No more Unassisted in ARRL VHF Contests?

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Sat Nov 15 06:29:45 EST 2014

According to the ARRL Letter of November 13, the ARRL
is recommending some changes in VHF/UHF contest rules -
recommendations that, if carried, are likely to set a
precedent for HF contesting.


The first recommendation is -

   "Removing the current prohibition on the use of amateur
   and non-amateur forms of assistance for all operator
   categories, with such use having no impact on entry

In plain language, this means that, to be competitive,
single ops will have no option but to use the internet
while contesting.

It seems to me this is about as sensible as doing away
with the distinction between sailboats and powerboats.
Sailors don't use engines in competition, otherwise
they become drivers.

ARRL members have until December 15 to comment - to
vhf-input at arrl.org 

Paul EI5DI

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