[CQ-Contest] N1MM Software - FT-1000 communication

FritzOAQ fritz at k4oaq.com
Fri Nov 21 13:00:47 EST 2014

I'm trying to get my station back on the air after about 10yrs of
inactivity. Back then I used CT software, FT-1000 & the FIF-232C black box.
The connection between the black box & computer was via a RS232 25-pin
connector. It worked fine for a while but then CT stopped getting the freq
from the FT-1000. I never did try to figure out the problem. So, the first
question is whether the FIF-232C can be connected to N1mm software? I'm new
to N1MM software but it appears to me that one can only communicate with it
via USB "COM ports". If there's no way to use the FIF-232C box, then I can
forget trying to figure out whether it is defective & buy a new black box
that takes the FT-1000 to a USB "COM port". Any recommendations for this box
wud be appreciated.

Fritz K4OAQ

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