[CQ-Contest] 1980s checks in SS/SSB.

Stan Stockton wa5rtg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 13:05:58 EST 2014

I got a good chuckle looking at the log checking reports one time.  My son had used my callsign and his check (93) in SS and then, a year or so later, I operated and used my check (67).  I noticed that a well known station logged Kevin with 67 and then logged me a year later with 93.

Stan, K5GO
> The check in SS is a variable in some cases, for a couple of reasons. The
> rules say year of first license (though if you read carefully, the rules
> don't say which license (driver's? radio? nursing?)), but they don't say
> first license of whom. The operator at that moment? The station licensee?
> The holder of whatever callsign is used?

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