[CQ-Contest] Prefills in SS Exchanges

w2lc at twcny.rr.com w2lc at twcny.rr.com
Mon Nov 24 12:49:59 EST 2014

Why would someone change their check?

Well speaking for myself, sending a check of 69 was generating way too many calls for repeats on SSB. So sometime after I got my new call W2LC I changed my check to 96, my "first year licensed" as W2LC. Better than 69 on SSB, still meets the rule, and less confusion on whether or not I said 59 or 69.

You never know when there could be a guest operator using their own check rather than the station check, so it is best to copy what is sent. I've guest op'd a few times. Multi’s, guest ops, club stations and school stations are all wild cards check wise.

I now get more “section” repeat requests since I have gone to NNY a couple of times for SS. Looks like some are prefilling NNY for my section. Next year I am planning on going to NNY, so prefill NNY for me, but you never know I may be at home in WNY.

I have noticed a couple others in WNY who have changed checks as well. Ever hear someone send “44” as their check? That is a WWII era check when operation was prohibited but as I understand it licenses were still being issued so I guess a check of 44 is possible.

I am sure that 95% are using the "traditional" check, but there are a fair number who are not.

73 Scott W2LC

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