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I have found that arrival personnel don't care much about licenses, CEPT permits, etc. Your biggest problem travelling with radio gear is going to be customs. I'd advise you to seek out a local baggage handler to help with your bags when you get them off the plane. Having a local seems to "breeze" the luggage through without as many questions. It's no guarantee, but it's usually worth the cost of a few bucks per bag. If customs does start asking questions, don't lie about the value of your radio. They are now using the internet to look up the values. In my opinion, it's best to offer to pay a bond up front with the understanding you will be taking the equipment when you leave. They will give you lots of official looking papers with stamps and signatures. Often they will make notes in your passport of what you brought in. There are times that it has taken me days to jump through all of the hoops.

I would advise that you run your itinerary of countries that you plan to visit by this group or a similar forum. Chances are, someone has been to that location recently and can advise you. I've also found that customs experiences can be very different based on time of day, your attitude, and random luck-of-the-draw. Just be prepared for problems, and hope you can avoid them.

I am concerned about the new regulations that our own beloved TSA has put into place in the past few months. Supposedly we now have to demonstrate that the gear will power up to prove it is not a terrorist device. If we can't power it up to their satisfaction, it gets confiscated. It's happened to cell phones and computers. I haven't heard of any problems YET with ham stuff. At the very least, I will have to stop my usual practice of packing a transceiver and power supply in different cases.


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I am just getting ready to leave on my first mini Dxpedition and started to wonder, and worry, how many problems will I face traveling with all sorts of radio equipment and electronics?

For those that routinely make these treks either for contests or DXpeditions, are you faced with grueling questions on why you have this equipment and do you have to explain the whole DXpedition idea. Should I expect that "I am traveling for pleasure purposes and will be using amateur radio while here" should suffice? Of course having the necesary travel documenst and copies of radio licenses goes without saying?

With contest and DXpedition season about to kick off, is there any other travel advice from the veterans out there.



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