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Further to Tony's message: successful travel requires a complete suspension of common sense and being prepared to answer any questions, with backup like Tony suggests. 

It doesn't matter whether the security requirements make sense (many don't), it doesn't matter that being able to light a display or see through a lens is no guarantee it's not harmful. The only thing that matters is the security staff have absolute discretion as to whether you're allowed to board your flight. You may be right, but you'll still be denied passage. 

Most guards are reasonable and are happy with reasonable preparations to assure them of your good intentions. What you don't want is to be ill-prepared and run up against a newbie bucking for promotion. 

Arguing the nonsense of anything the guard says isn't a way to gain access to the airside, either. 

73, Kelly

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> On Sep 24, 2014, at 15:59, "Tony Rogozinski" <foc1572 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Been following this subject.  I'm in Colombia and have to take a power transformer from an Alpha 76PA amplifier back to the USA in a few weeks
> so I went to the Alpha Power web site - found the page where they selling replacement transformers - found a picture and price of the one
> for the Alpha 76 and printed it out so I can have it ready to show the inspectors if necessary.
> Obviously not the same as a piece of equipment but it probably wouldn't hurt to carry printed copies of material relating to the equipment
> you're carrying - off the company web site or off a retailers web site.
> Tony  HK4T/W4OI
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