[CQ-Contest] LY9W ? - time to ban SCP?

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 1 06:26:04 EDT 2015

Guys, you don't need to be discouraged from contesting, just make decisions
for yourself on what you will use or not use.  Clearly, blindly using SCP
without thinking is as bad practice as guessing on the call and exchange and
hoping its right.  Neither are the right thing to do, and most of us on the
reflector at least, know it.  We can choose to go unassisted and we compete
with others who make the same choice.  Those that choose to go assisted,
more power to you, its just not for me.


Why would someone leave though rather than just choose the method that works
for them?  I personally enjoy the efficiency of the automated tools like
dupe checking and SCP.  However, I am always challenging what I see vs what
I hear.  If someone doesn't, that's just bad operating, its not the tools
fault.  Any more than it's the amps fault if its set wrong and causing


The key to technology advances is to use it all to our advantage and choose
what we want of it, not be forced to use it just to be part of the "cool
kids club".  Those that refer to computer gaming as being similar to ham
radio are really misguided in my opinion.  Our "game" requires a crap load
of work and money even to hit the start button.  Imagine the same in
computer gaming.  The only equivalent is if most of the gamers were the
actual software developers and there were a smaller group of team members
but even those had periodically lent a hand in the game creation.
Contesting is NOT about what happens at 0000Z on the appointed day.  Every
successful contester knows that.


Nothing prevents and overlay category creation by likeminded contesters in a
separate website page to compete amongst themselves.  Technology does not
just take away, it delivers.


Ed  N1UR


Happily unassisted but efficiently automated.

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