[CQ-Contest] Logging question

Mark van Wijk, PA5MW pa5mw at home.nl
Tue Aug 4 09:50:51 EDT 2015

One missing letter in the log...
Happened to me too, more than once, especially because there's one fine 
DX'er which has one digit less than my call.

What did I do?

I just smiled at the idea of a possible next opportunity in any future QSO.

After all this IS a hobby.

73 Mark, PA5MW

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From: Doug Renwick
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Important information is missing.  That is how many letters were incorrect
in your log?  If one letter was incorrect (one off as some would say) then I
would correct it in my log.  If it is more than one then it is a NIL.
It makes no difference if the QSL is via LoTW or via a QSL card.  Remember
this is only a hobby.

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