[CQ-Contest] Logging question

Peter Dougherty (W2IRT) contesting at w2irt.net
Tue Aug 4 19:42:07 EDT 2015

I'm mostly with Ed on this one. I've had a few emails requesting that I
check my log, etc. My standard reply is that if it was a contest QSO then
please be patient and wait until the contest log submission period has
ended. Once it has, ask me again and I'll check back to see what is or isn't
in my log. I won't even be tempted to look until the submission date has
passed. If it's ultimately a NIL then I'll let him know. If it's close then
he'll probably get the benefit of the doubt. Since I'm in one of the most
populous counties in one of the most active states I'm not too worried. But
if I ever activate a semi/rare one then things get much stricter.

Peter, W2IRT

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This is an interesting question.  To me - there is a difference between
contest log - it is what it is.  Contest is over.  And the log for DXCC and
WAS or County purposes.  For those purposes, I will look at whether I made
an easy to see mistake.  If I did, I will give the requestor the benefit of
the doubt.  For my more desirable operations like Spratly, Macau, and Bhutan
- this is important.


However, my method of doing that is not possible using LOTW (I refuse to do
eQSL and QRZ.com QSL).  My method is to put those cards aside to see if the
real guy shows up - if it's a valid call.  If its not a valid call, and its
off by one letter, especially an obvious (missing dit or something), then I
just confirm if the info is all correct.


Technology imposes speed which imposes accuracy or all hell breaks lose.
Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for.


Ed  N1UR



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