[CQ-Contest] LY9W ? - time to ban SCP?

rob wa1fcn at charter.net
Thu Aug 6 14:58:07 EDT 2015

On 8/1/2015 2:02 PM, Ken Widelitz wrote:
> Hear, hear, Ed, N1UR. Exactly. The only rules for anyone who wants to 
> contest are the rules of the FCC or other governmental authorities of 
> their countries. Have fun in contests doing anything you want under 
> those rules. Only if you want to be considered for an award by 
> submitting your log to the sponsor do you have to follow the sponsor's 
> rules. Really, you need only worry about your own skill development, 
> not whether others are developing their skills or not. And, really, 
> are CW skills as important today as the technology skills you learn 
> from integrating remote operating, skimmer, code readers, scp, etc. 
> into your station? The only people who can put up their hand and say 
> yes are the hardcore CW contesters. And hardcore CW contesters need 
> the people who want to have fun with whatever technology is available, 
> regardless of how they copy your call. Otherwise, CW contesting would 
> always resemble Sunday afternoons in the Sweepstakes. 73, Ken, K6LA / 

                 Sure makes sense to me. Clear and to the point.
                             BoB WA1FCN
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