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Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sat Aug 8 16:43:40 EDT 2015

Jim you get things right most of the time but I am amazed that you say that
the bureau system is broke. I use it monthly! And I find it to be a really
nice adjunct to LOTW.

My process for QSLing is to upload all my QSOs to LOTW, eQSL, and Club log
at the same time once a month. Usually I get between 50 - 100 cards from the
bureau each month and I take care of that at the same time.  My logging
program makes sending out QSL cards easy. I go through the cards and put a
check in my log for the Qs that I got a card.  I put a stack of blank cards
in my printer and print them out.  They come out in the proper order to put
in an envelope to be sent out the next morning in the mail.  I will admit
that the cards that I get from the bureau are usually old but if they go to
the trouble of sending me a card...I will respond through the bureau. My QSL
sorter is a class act. My responsibility is to keep money in the account
that he has and his responsibility is to get those cards for me...he does
all the work for no compensation.  Last year I sent him a box of Red
Grapefruit as a little thank you. I do not send out QSLs for QSOs that I
have already QSLed. Sometime I get multiple cards for the same QSO...there
is a limit!  All of this usually takes me about 1 1/2 hours per month.

I still get direct QSLs with money and preprinted envelopes occasionally
(yes usually JA).  My practice is to get the card printed out and sent
within the week. I actually like those pretty stamps on the envelopes and I
give them to a friend that is a stamp collector.

I have been interested in this thread about logging and QSLing. I like to
remember when I was a novice (14 years old back in 1958) and I waited by the
mail box every day to get cards in the mail. I loved getting those cards. I
love the LOTW but I always respond to QSL requests. I still have the very
first QSL I ever got.

I do wish that those folks that send me a card would say, on the card, if
they want one in return. A lot of expeditions send out cards to everyone and
have no interest in getting a card back.

Bill W5VX

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On Sat,8/8/2015 12:43 AM, Oliver Dröse wrote:
> Com'on, then use the ARRL bureau and DX cards will cost you next to 
> nothing! We have a superb QSL bureau system in most of this world's 
> countries ... Yes, it will not work for all DX

If you think the Bureau system is "superb" you probably don't use it. 
The Bureau system is essentially broken. MANY hams do not participate, some
countries do not have bureaus, and it is VERY VERY slow. Many hams who
operate in small countries use QSL managers in countries where return
postage is $3, and who do not respond to cards sent via the Bureau. I know
that because I sent them cards through the Bureau. I receive at least 500
cards a year from the Bureau, 95% of them from Japan. On average, those
cards are for contacts that are 21 months earlier. Thus, a turnaround time
of 3 1/2 years. I've sent thousands of cards to the Bureau, with very poor
return of the cards I needed for an award.

> and yes it depends on your ARRL membership, not a bad thing.

I'm an ARRL member, currently paid until 2020.

> But anyway, you said in an earlier mail you won't QSL if the contact 
> is not on LotW. So what do you do if somebody sends you a card 
> including return postage and you don't find him on LotW? Through away 
> his card and keep his money? Is that your definition of "final courtesy"?

If that ham has not given other hams the courtesy of putting his log on
LOTW, I see no reason that I should give him the courtesy of sending a card
in return. Instead, I consider the money a contribution to the considerable
research that I done on ham radio issues and have published on my website. I
choose to do that work and publish it rather than spend days sending cards
to hams who are inconsiderate of other hams.

73, Jim K9YC

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