[CQ-Contest] ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone Results Correction

Wilhelm, Matthew, W1MSW w1msw at arrl.org
Mon Aug 10 15:11:02 EDT 2015

It was discovered not long after the release of the 2014 November Sweepstakes Phone results that there was a problem with how log checking handled the W1AW portable stations celebrating the ARRL Centennial.  The software treated the entries as a single call sign, so if both were worked during the contest, only one was counted and the other considered a dupe.  This caused anyone working both stations to lose a QSO and for some, a multiplier was also lost.  It was decided that we would allow both portable stations to count and then rescore the contest after updating the log checking software.
During this process, it was also discovered that a step had been omitted during the original log checking. Performing this additional step improved checking of miscopied call signs, which for some entries changed what had been considered contacts with unique calls into busted QSOs.  Because accuracy is exceptionally important in this contest, we are releasing corrected results.  The changes did not affect any of the overall winners, but did change the order of finish for some of the Top Ten spots.  One Division winner changed.
The new data has been uploaded to the online database and new LCRs and line scores are available, although we will not be rewriting the results article.  We have added a note to the beginning of the full results article and appended updated tables.
We apologize, but as most will agree, it is important that we publish accurate results with the correct order of finish.   Thank you to the participants who brought this to our attention and all the folks behind the scenes who helped to discover and fix the additional error and produce the updated results.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

w1msw at arrl.org<mailto:w1msw at arrl.org>

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