[CQ-Contest] RBN high busted rate during WAE DX?

Pedro Colla pedro_colla at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 15:10:39 EDT 2015

I'd observed during the contest that quite often my running frequency were reported as being ocuppied by me (LT7H) and by DT7H who seems to be a seldom used Italian callsign, but most likely a malformed capture of my callsign during the contest.
It happened either when I was called by scores of non-European fellows (perhaps looking for an Italian multiplicator), also when I turned off the "run" mode in N1MM+ and it showed outstanding the DT7H callsign in the same frequency.
Busted calls has always been an unavoidable feature of the RBN, which is a superb infrastructure resource for all of us, but the % of busted calls were relatively low and a manageable issue in my experience.
So, after the contest I'd used the raw data info to evaluate how bad was the problem and the results seems higher than I would have expected.
Sunday numbers were the worse, the distribution of the problem is:

This should be read as 8% of the hours of my Sunday participation (summarized by hour, or 1 hour)  the RBN reported 0% busted calls, while 17% of the hours 100% of the reported were busted (this means during two hours of my participation I'd been reported as a busted call only). All in all 67% of the hours I participated on Sunday (8 hours) the busted reports of my call were 60% of the times or higher, about 2 every 3.
Saturday were a little bit at ease as about 1 in 3 times the reports were busted with a couple of hours were the reports were a busted calls about 3 out of 4 of the times.
I don't know if something special was going on with the RBN infrastructure previous or during the WAE, or the conditions were bad, or perhaps there was other factors.
Some fellow operators took the effort to post me correctly by hand after working me, saying that what was reported was wrong (deeple appreciated their kindness).
I wonder whether this has been noticed or experienced by other stations; in WAE being spotted with an Italian call might not be much of a problem, but in WW probably would be a bigger issue.
Thanks, Pedro LU7HZ

Dr. Pedro E. Colla 
Va.Belgrano-Ciudad de Cordoba 
Cordoba- Argentina
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